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MSc thesis

MSc thesis 2018-2019 proposals

Finding an internship, a job

Dans le cadre du Cycle Ouvrez l'Oeil, La Direction de l'Orientation et de l'Insertion Professionnelle propose, du 09 novembre au 30 novembre, 3 semaines pour un stage. (flyer)

University Laboratories associated with MSIAM

How to choose your project

  1. Choose a subject area that YOU are interested in.
  2. Contact the project advisor you want to work with.
  3. Agree on a subject
  4. Contact the heads in MSIAM M2 to request approval for the project.
  5. Project approval requires that you complete a form to be signed by the project advisor and Student.
    • When approved by the master heads, contact your registar to request a contract.
  6. All projects must be validated by a CONTRACT between one of the Universities (UJF or INPG) and the Laboratory.
    • Students who are registered at UGA, should request the contract from the UFR-IMAG registar office.
    • Students who are registered at INPG, should request the contract from the registar office.
  7. All projects MUST be uploaded to the MSIAM project web pages. The pages are used to plan project defences and oversee projects.
  8. Complete installation process at the laboratory where you will work. (Desk, computer account, email, badge, etc.)
  9. You cannot finish your internship after you obtained your degree. No internship can last more than 6 months, nor less than 14 weeks.

Specific constraints

Preparing your MSc thesis report and defence

In the Masters Research project, the student is expected to

  • clearly articulate and analyze a research problem
  • situate the problem within the state of the art of one or more scientific domains
  • propose an original solution, and
  • present an evaluation or validation of the solution or explain how the solution can be evaluated or validated.

These results are reported in a Masters Research Project report (also called a Masters Thesis) and defended in an oral project defence. If successfully completed with a grade above 12, the Masters scientific research project demonstrates “Research Aptitude” and meets the formal requirements for admission to a Doctoral program.

Note: the student may use French or English - whichever is more comfortable. We do not grade language, but the ability to clearly express and explain scientific ideas.

A few weeks before your defence you will be asked to send an email to msiam2@ensimag.fr containing

  • an A4 page illustrated summary according to the guiding file “M2MSIAMprojectA4.xxx”(.doc, .odt, .pdf). English is mandatory
  • an one-slide-presentation according to the guiding file “M2MSIAMprojectOneSlide.xxx” (.ppt, .odp, .pdf). English is mandatory

Evaluation grids and criteria

The MSc thesis will be evaluated by:

  • Your advisor
  • An external reviewer chosen by the heads of M2 MSIAM within a list proposed by the supervisor, containing three persons who do not belong to the same research team as the student.
  • The defence committee

The details of the evaluation criteria are given in the document “MSc thesis evaluation procedure”. We strongly recommend you to read this document.

Master Research Project report should be

  • well structured as a scientific report
  • expressed in a clear, understandable manner

There is no minimal or maximal volume requirement, but 30 pages (plus eventual appendices) is a good average

Oral presentation should

  • be clear, well structured and respect the time limits (30-35 min)
  • demonstrate an ability to respond to questions and defend the results of the project in a scientific discussion.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the time of defense, but do not enter the room before being invited to do so.
Please bring two printed copies of the report at your defense. One of them will be given back to you at the end of defense.

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