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 ==== Data challenges ==== ==== Data challenges ====
 +=== 2018-2019 (updated Nov. 19: schedule) ===
 +The challenge will be on pollutant prediction in Grenoble area, in collaboration with [[https://www.atmo-auvergnerhonealpes.fr/|ATMO Auvergne-Rhône Alpes]].
 +== Milestones ==
 +See [[https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/20430?secret_key=9c39a737-0965-4120-89a4-d8b6cc08eddb]] 
 +  * [[https://data-institute.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/data-science-seminar-series-florence-troude-and-alexandre-thomasson-766514.htm?RH=1504084034855|Presentation of the context]] (Oct. 18, 2018)
 +  * {{ :collab:20181025_challenge_trainingdataset.pdf |Presentation}} and delivery of the training data set (Oct. 25, 2018)
 +  * Presentation of the starting kit and expected format of outputs (Nov. 30, 2018, IM2AG F321. Nov. 19, 8:45AM)
 +  * Development of some basic solution (baseline). Short oral presentation of the baseline solution and short description of it; 1-2 pages report (Dec. 13, 3:30PM). You may express some particular needs in terms of computational power for the intensive session.
 +  * Intensive session, partly supervised by tutors (Feb. 6-8). On Feb. 8 (AM): prediction on evaluation data set; (PM): defence of the whole project and final proposal with questions from teachers and other team's members. Report of 4 to 10 pages with experience feedback (description and comparison of the different approaches that were tried).
 +== Schedule, teams and registration ==
 +See [[https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/20430?secret_key=9c39a737-0965-4120-89a4-d8b6cc08eddb]].\\  
 +Please do not register before being advised to do so, since this version of the site is temporary and likely to be replaced by a newer one.
 +== Grading rules == 
 +  * Evaluation: 1/3 score (ranking / performance), 1/3 report, 1/3 oral presentation.
 +== Presentation and report == 
 +The presentation and report should contain a description of the different approaches you tried, even if some of them were discarded because of unsatisfactory results. The report has to be exhaustive on that point, while the presentation may focus on 2 or 3 of them. There should be associated values and comparisons of the metrics, and on execution times. Try to analyse the shortcomings of the methods, explain how you gradually overcame them, and what could be further improved in your final proposal.
 +The oral presentation should last from 18 to 20 minutes and will be followed by questions. 
 +You may not spend more than one slide / 1 min 30 on the problem description and data, since these are common to every team.
 +The report should be from 4 to 10 pages long. You have to deliver it just before the presentations. 
 +== Rankings == 
 === 2017-2018 (updated Nov. 9: participants and team composition) === === 2017-2018 (updated Nov. 9: participants and team composition) ===
 The challenge will be on audio-visual speaker diarization. The challenge will be on audio-visual speaker diarization.
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 == Rankings ==  == Rankings == 
 +  - [0.805] Oussama.Zerguine@grenoble-inp.org, sebastien.rimbaud@phelma.grenoble-inp.fr, Ivan.Iudintsev@grenoble-inp.org, gregoire.mugnier@phelma.grenoble-inp.fr, mariia.garkavenko@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
 +  - [0.797] jaime-enrique.romero-zuleta@grenoble-inp.org, ivan.koval@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr, anastasiia.doinychko@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr, ismail.arab.eng@gmail.com
 +  - [0.745] Marvin.Lerousseau@grenoble-inp.org, Manuel-David Camargo-Rivera Manuel-David.Camargo-Rivera@grenoble-inp.org, kuntimakiala michel kuntima-kiala.michel@phelma.grenoble-inp.fr, Quoc Trung Vuong quoc-trung.vuong@grenoble-inp.org
 +  - [0.743] Yassine.Laguel@grenoble-inp.org, Roman.Bresson@grenoble-inp.org, selim.chraibi@grenoble-inp.org, duc-anh.luu@grenoble-inp.org, nejim.zeineb@gmail.com
 +  - [0.709] Jacqueline Sime jsime1559@gmail.com, Nour Serhan nour-taki@hotmail.com, Artem.Betlei@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr, Aleksandra.Malkova@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
 +  - [no score available] moradi.siamak324@gmail.com, vincent.nebot@phelma.grenoble-inp.fr, Parivash.Mohammadi-Khajehdehi@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr, Vincent.Xuereb@grenoble-inp.org
 +{{ :collab:resultschallenge_1_.pdf |Detailed results}}
 /** Quitting /** Quitting
 * <mamady.nabe@grenoble-inp.org>, <van-quy.hoang@grenoble-inp.org>,  * <mamady.nabe@grenoble-inp.org>, <van-quy.hoang@grenoble-inp.org>, 
 */  */ 
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