Frequently ask questions

When will the exact examination schedule be known?

Although the approximate dates of examinations (bounds on the first and last date) are known several months in advance, the precise schedule is available 15 days before the start of the exams.

You do not register in MSIAM. You are registered separately to each course, and belong to the separate mailing list of each course. You should warn the teacher of each course of your attendance, and the heads of M2 MSIAM of your choice. But they do not validate your choices, which are determined by your learning agreement. In case of changes in your list of courses, you should warn the heads of MSIAM, and the person in charge for exchange students at your university. The teachers transmit your grades to the relevant person at your university.

May I change my choice of courses after the deadline?

The registration’s office is quite busy from September to November and so are the heads of M2 MSIAM and IT staff. We agreed on a procedure that makes life possible to everyone and this procedure excludes any change of course after the deadline, a fortiori after the beginning of courses or after the choices are registered.

I do not have an Ensimag/UFR IM2AG account / it is not working

If you have problems with either of your account, or if you are not sure to have one, please send an email to Ensimag support or check the procedure for UFR IM2AG

Who should I contact?

You generally have to contact your teacher if you want to have specific information about his/her course. Depending on whether your question is related to timetables, grades, exams, choice of courses… the heads vs. the admin staff may not be able to answer. The alias transfers your request to both categories, thus maximizing your odds to have a quick and relevant reply.

I am a PhD student: how do I register to courses?

You need to send an email to the administrative contact at UFR IM2AG to obtain the different forms.

You must also send an email to both the teacher of the course and to academic supervisors of the program to inform them you want to attend.

How do I get my ranking after the exams or defenses?

After the semester 2 jury, and once the grades published, you may obtain an official attestation with your ranking. It is obtained by email request.

How do I get grades after the exams or defenses ?

The grades are not directly communicated by the teachers after examinations. They are discussed during juries, then signed by the head of the training program (generally 1 to 3 days after the jury, exceptionally more). If you need some transcript of records, please send your contact

The students who finish their internships after the first Monday of July that follows July 14th and who defend in June get their grades for semester 2 in September only. Those who finish their internships before get their grades in July.

The Master degree actually is delivered by a special jury that follows the jury for semester 10. Students cannot obtain any graduation certificate before the date of the jury.

Has my internship to end after my defense?

The relevant event ruling the end of your internship is not the date of defense, but the date of diploma. No internship can continue after you get your degree, with a tolerance of two days. Jurys for diploma usually meet around July 15th and September 10th, so your main options are to end your internship before the first date or the other.

How do I actually get a copy of my diploma?

Your administrative contact will send you a email about this at the end of the school year.

At Grenoble INP, once edited, the diploma is to be collected at the central registrar office (Avenue Felix Viallet)

At UGA, the diploma is usually edited around February / March about two years after graduation. You have to write in the end of March to to check whether it is ready to be collected (at the IM2AG reception desk).

Can I choose to retake the exams (or not)?

Usually if you get less than 7/20 you have to retake the exam (unless the jury decides otherwise). If you have between 7 and 10 you may choose to retake or not the exam (you have to send your decision by email to the Registrar’s Office within 3 days after you received your grades).

Where are the official documents describing the rules?

What are the grading system and coefficients?

The evaluation procedure specific to each course is described at Parcours Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The coefficients are equal to the ECTS credits (usually 3 for 18h courses, 6 for larger projects, 30 for the end-of-year internship).

Is there other general rules I should know?

The whole set of rules applied in MSIAM is available in this PDF document.