Modeling Seminar


6 ECTS, Tut. 36h


Christophe Picard


This lecture proposes modelling problems. The problems can be industrial or academic. Students are faced to an industrial problem or an academic problem (research oriented). They are in charge of this project. An teacher/tutor may guide them to find solutions to the problem. For industrial project, they have to understand the user needs, to analyze and model the problem, to derive specifications, to implement a solution and to develop the communication and the presentation of the proposed solution. More academic projects are linked to the courses. They are constructed such that the students can go deeper into a subject.

This lecture introduces basic communication methods in industry. This part is in french and optional.

Rules: the students have to choose TWO subjects (either academic or industrial). They work in small groups on both projects with tutor (analysis of the problem, bibliography, construction of a solution, numerical simulations, etc.). At the end, they defend their results in front of a jury and provide a short report.


No specific prerequisites.