Gaussian Process Prior Variational Autoencoders for Earth Data Time Series Anlaysis

ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse

Matching, reconstruc1on and learning 3D shapes using high-order polynomials and rota1on-invariant descriptors

LJK, Grenoble

MPI parallelization of the SWEET PDE solver code

LJK, Grenoble

Portable High-Performance Ocean Simulations

LJK, Grenoble

Stability of differential operators on corrected surfaces

LJK, Grenoble or LAMA, Chambéry

Using Machine Learning to Accelerate PDE solvers

LJK, Grenoble

Prediction of instability phenomena in mixed rock and ice massifs and run-out of granular flows linked to the thawing of permafrost in high mountains.

Tripop - INRIA, Grenoble

Energetics of Jets in Two-Dimensional Oceanic Turbulence

IGE, Grenoble

Modélisation numérique des évolutions morphologiques dans des alliages de polymères.

IMT, Nantes

Continuous testing for the Ripley’s K-function of spatial point processes

LJK, Grenoble